Danielle Simmen, Pepper B. Design Posted on 16 Dec 20:41 , 0 comments

We love partnering with fellow Torontonians and other girl bosses for our monthly subscription lifestyle boxes.  It's always a pleasure while we curate special items for our themed boxes to work with amazing artisans and designers such as Pepper B.  Here is a little more about Danielle, Creator and Designer at Pepper B.! 


Thank you so much for being a part of Artibox Collective Discovery Boxes! We'd love to know a little about yourself.  My name is Danni and I'm obsessed with pattern. For me, a good dose of pattern can make any space feel more special and complete. I studied textile design in Canada at OCAD University and in England at Winchester School of Art, and then designed for the home decor industry for many years before creating Pepper B. in 2015 to spread the pattern love!

When and why did you started Pepper B.

I always wanted to run my own business, but I wasn’t always clear on what it would be. I did know though, that it would definitely include textiles and patterns. Then eventually I fell into the home decor industry, designing for other companies and it clicked. I launched Pepper B. in the summer of 2015 after working in the home decor industry for 5+ years. I was itching to design things I really loved, and the time felt right to venture out on my own. 

We love your designs! Tell us a little about your products and what your design process is like.

All of our products are completely made in Canada, and we try to use natural materials whenever possible. When I begin designing a collection, it all starts with the patterns for fabrics. Sometimes I have a specific idea in mind, and other times I doodle around in my sketchbook until something develops that I like. When I’m creating a collection of coordinated patterns I usually start with the boldest pattern (which is usually a floral) and then add in the supporting patterns from there. 

What inspires you & your design?

I LOVE interior design. I think a home tells so much about a person by the objects that they choose to live and interact with daily. I also love seeing an idea develop into a tangible and practical object that can enhance the everyday. I figure if you’re going to live with something everyday, it might as well be something beautiful too!

We always love to ask...How do you treat yourself?

Have you tried dark chocolate covered pretzels? They are insanely good. But other than chocolate my main go-to "treat" is saving up for something special like a new purse or a killer pair of boots. 

Thank you so much again for being a part of our discovery box! It was a pleasure working with you Danielle!